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I'd climb even waterfalls to find a rare stone!

name sookie
location corsica france
age 17
birthday july 2nd
gender demigirl nonbinary
sexuality pan
pronouns they/she
autistic and suspected adhd

extented about♡

interests pokemon, love live, bandori, winx club
kpop red velvelt, blackpink, mamamoo, loona, sunmi
aesthetics pinkcore, barbiecore, mermaidcore, seacore, flowercore, pastelcore, lovecore
other media i like gochiusa, zombieland saga, shigatsu wa kimi no uso, osu, sims 4, pokespe, animal crossing, barbie

my special interests are steven stone and wallace from pokemon, originshipping, and stationery!

♡favs kins and biases♡

before you follow

I reclaim the q slur and I won't tag it, i support xenogenders, neopronouns, he/they lesbians, she/her gays, self-dx, blm and acab, use the old pan flag but I'm critical of it, i'm critical of all of my interests and kpop groupes and biases, i ask for attention and reassurance often even on main

Credit of the pixel flowers : click on them (king-lulu-deer on deviantart)

I believe that fiction is not reality but it affects it. I am against proshipping

My identity gets easily stolen but I'm used to it


minor squicks (not important to tag these)

irl rain and storm, corsican discourses, any ship with Steven/Wallace and a minor/Juan/Lisia, masurokka, bloom x icy, yu yu hakusho (especially kurama and hiei)

major squicks (tag these if you can, bolded means important)

the user @/shinyskarmorys/mochavaporeon, murder of junko furuta physics, maths, computer science, engineering (especially school classes) and the french high school branch STI2D, nsfw/sexualisation of ruby kurosawa

armin meiwes's lost media tape,maura murray's creepy face taken before her disappearance, game boy camera creepy faces, cursed kleenex commercial

Catchall is Sookie don't look

Pokemas 5781 6727 5000 1021
Bandori JP 103447317
SIFAS JP 124 166 636

Discord Sookie#2516
Switch SW-6057-4596-2311

twitter stevenstonies
tumblr stevenstonies
instagram pastelsookie
deviantart ganbasuki
ao3 SookieWrites
i also own a wordpress blog! and i also made a carrd about pan flags!


pokemon steven, wallace, lisia, acerola, riley, siebold, metagross, snom, sylveon, milotic, totodile, feraligatr, hawlucha

love live ruby hanayo emma hanamaru kanata mari nozomi ayumu

bandori aya rimi kanon rinko eve

winx club flora musa

other cocoa (gochiusa) chino (gochiusa) lily (zombieland saga)

kins (i love doubles for all!) : shizuku, kanata, ayumu, emma (love live), melony, caitlin, shauntal (pokemon) roxy (winx club)

biases joy (red velvet), rosé (blackpink), wheein (mamamoo), chuu (loona)


pokemon originshipping, fairycontestshipping (lisia x oc), aquaheartshipping, fleurdegrenadeshipping, franticshipping

love live rubymaru, rubyleah, karinkanaemma (and any ship between them), rinpana, nozoeli

bandori ayachisa chisakanon kasuhagu

dni if

usual DNI criteria, antivax or think vaccines cause autism, bi/pan lesbian or bi/pan gay supporter, ship incest or pedophilia support sexualization of minors or noncon stuff, ship hoennchampionshipping or any problematic ship, invalidate pansexuality and fat people,

you think teens or adults shouldn't consume childish media, you need my interests or favs or kins tagged, your name is Mocha (variants are fine)

don't follow if under 15 unless we know each other (current mutuals are fine)

yeyay!! my interests and favs, my kins, spring, flowers, pink, pastel colors, stationery, diys, dolls, scrapbooking, writing, talking with my friends, fairies, fantasy, cats, seals (especially baby seals), journalling

no... :( school, maths, physics, computer science, mean people, being ignored or forgotten, rain, bad weather

i'm infj, 6w7 and i'm also ok with the labels lunarian, sapphic(wlw), trixic(nblw), toric(nblm) and xe/xem pronouns!